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Adult urology

Enuresis is a serious problem in the whole world. It is one of the most widespread urologic diseases in females that have extremely negative impact on life quality.

Psychological researches showed that enuresis provokes and worsens depression, causes social isolation and leads to decreased self-esteem.

According to information from International Enuresis Society more than 40% of females after 40 years and about 50% after 60 years suffer from incontinence.

The problem complexity is also that it combines several medicine fields – urology, gynecology, and neurology. There are three basic methods for enuresis treatment: non-medicamental, medicamental, and surgical.

Surgery method choice depends on incontinence type, its severity degree, accompanying pathologies, and previous non-surgical methods efficiency.

Surgery types:

- volume-forming materials injections;
- suspending bladder sling operations;
- plastic surgeries;
- artificial sphincter transplantation.

By USA Department of Health estimates, direct losses, caused by economic and social costs of this problem exceed 15 billion USD annually.

The most perspective method of enuresis elimination is injection method using new biocompatible material NUBIPLANTтм.


Fig. 1 Material NUBIPLANTтм electronic microphotograph, which demonstrates polymeric net structure from pores of various size and form containing dispersion medium.


NUBIPLANTтм is an acryl-containing highly-structured implant being used for incontinence elimination, primarily against stress enuresis, by injection method. Apart from the above, this is the most sparing enuresis treatment method in bladder sphincter insufficiency. Treatment efficiency is 70-90%. Intra-tissue implant NUBIPLANTтм injections may be combined with other surgical methods.

Operation shall be completed under local anesthesia. Its duration is about 30 minutes. Doctor injects in peri-uretal tissues and/or bladder neck NUBIPLANTтм, which supports and compresses urethra, and/or bladder sphincter, preventing urine loss.
Advantages of NUBIPLANTтм clinical use in incontinence:

- compensating enuresis;
- normal urination act restoration;
- stable clinical effect;
- complete social adaptation;

- life quality increase.

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