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INTERNATIONAL CENTER FOR MEDICAL TECHNOLOGIES IMPLEMENTATION is a leading producer of medical products – injectable and form-stable intra-tissue implants on the basis of highly biologically and physiologically compatible hydro-gel materials, characteristics of which are adapted to individual tissues.
Such an approach to multi-purpose implants synthesis allowed to apply them successfully in various medicine spheres.

In cosmetology, plastic surgery and esthetic surgery
Filler for delicate superficial wrinkles correction, including "crow’s feet"
Injectable implant for medium and deep wrinkles correction, atrophic scars correction, form, contours and lips volume correction;
Support structure for wrinkles and lips contour correction, facial contours modeling and asymmetry eradication;
Soft tissues filler for mechanical replacement of soft tissues insufficient volume, for volume increase in cheeks, cheek-bones, chin, gastrocnemius muscles, buttocks, etc.
Form-stable breast implants in endoprothesis operations for volume increase, contours correction, breast asymmetry and aplasia elimination.

In oncology:
for reconstructive-restorative breast plastics after radical mastectomy.

In urology:
for correction of vesicoureteral reflux (VUR) and urinary incontinence using minimally invasive methods; testicles prosthetics (testicular implants).

In traumatology and orthopedy:
as intravascular fluid substitute in osteoarthritis complex treatment and sliding apparatus plastics of joint-tendon complex.

In neurosurgery:
Prevention of post-operative cicatrical-commissural epiduritis after diskal hernia extraction.

All products manufacture is completed according to documentation approved by the MoH of Ukraine, Ukrmetrteststandart, State Ukrainian Association Polytechmed and other regulative analytical documents according to international demands of ISO and GMP standards systems.

Major goal of International Center for Medical Technologies Implementation, Ltd. (ICMTI, Ltd.)

–to secure a stable high quality and safety of manufactured products.


In order to achieve this goal ICMTI, Ltd. has modern manufacturing capabilities, scientific-research laboratories, accredited clinical bases, as well as highly qualified specialists in various fields – polymers chemistry, biochemistry, colloid chemistry, nanotechnologies, cell and tissue therapies and practical medicine.

ICMTI, Ltd.’s leading specialists are professionals with a vast personal scientific-productive experience in polymer materials research and creation with medical purposes, who are authors of many scientific works, inventions and patents. Some their achievements were rewarded by State Premiums, and rewards from State Department of Intellectual Property.

Our products quality guaranties:

Control over observance of Master Formula
Quality control for raw materials and appliances
Control over water quality to be used for manufacture
Control over cleanness of working premises
Control over each stage of manufacture cycle
Control over finished products and storage conditions
Personnel training control


The guaranties for manufactured products effectiveness and safety are positive results of completed pre-clinical and clinical trials, as well as many years of successful clinical application experience.


Pre-clinical trials:

National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
L.I. Medved Institute of Ecohygiene and Toxicology

Clinical trials:

National Institute of Cancer
P.L. Shupik National Medical Academy of Post-Graduate Education
Clinics of Oncology Department of P.L. Shupik National Medical Academy of Post-Graduate Education
‘Feofania’ Clinical Hospital
Kyiv City Mammological Center

Bio-ethical expertise:

Ethics Committee of P.L. Shupik National Medical Academy of Post-Graduate Education
Ethics Committee of ‘Feofania’ Clinical Hospital

ICMTI, Ltd. main priority is to have physically healthy, esthetically complete, socially successful patients.

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