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NUBIPLANTтм is  intra-tissue fluid substitute in complex treatment of primary and secondary arthropathy deformans with functional  insufficiency after inflammatory processes arrest in joint (without pronounced secondary  synovitis).


Х-like legs angulation in knee joints arthropathy  deformans          

Material  characteristics:


NUBIPLANTтм is  an inert biologically compatible implant that does not contain proteins of animal  or microbial origin, and therefore does not demand obligatory test for tolerance.

  Immediately after administration implant improves  sliding of affected joint rubbing surfaces, decreases pain, gradually restores joint  mobility.

  By its physical-chemical properties implant  has absolute similarity with cartilage proteoglicans – natural shock-absorber, which  are capable to restore their primary form after mechanical compression.

  Implant has short relaxation period, which secures  its good shock absorbing properties during movement. It secures good sliding of  joint cartilage rubbing surfaces, and prevents their further mechanical damage.

  Implant absorbs inflammation and proteolysis  products, prevents comissures formation in joint.

  NUBIPLANTтм contains  Au++ nanoparticles that diffuse step by step into surrounding tissues, promoting  metabolism normalizing, stimulates regeneration in joint cartilage damaged zones,  and enhance tissues local immunity.


For the first time the results of implant successful  application in sliding apparatus plastics in joint-tendon complex of wrist and  forearm were reported at International Medical Congress "Man and Trauma"  in 2001 in Nizhny Novgorod. Nizhegorodsky Scientific-Research Institute of Traumatology  and Orthopedy developed two methods of stage-wise function correction in sliding apparatus of joint-tendon complex of wrist  and forearm using biocompatible hydrophilic materials.

Its application  method adds up to the usual adopted procedure

  of intra-articular injection, demanding a certain  doctor’s skills and not demanding additional technical facilities. The volume  of applied material depends on articulate cavity volume and may be 0.5-10.0 ml.  The necessary implant volume is injected as single injection with observing aseptic  rules. Clinical effect is preserved for 4 to 12 months depending on joint functional  condition. If needed, it is possible to inject an additional implant, as well as  it is possible to enter a single injection into several joints i.


Treatment may be completed in out-patient conditions.


Implant  NUBIPLANTтм effect


Indications  for use:

- synovial fluid temporary replacement or replenishing;

  - primary osteoarthritis of II-III degree;

  - post-traumatic osteoarthritis of II-III degree.


  - acute joints inflammatory diseases;

  - worsening of chronic joints inflammatory diseases;

  - skin inflammations at planned injection site.

Dosage  form – disposable sterile syringes with 2.0 and 4.0 ml.

  Storage  – at temperature of + 4 – 25ºС.

  О-like  leg angulation in knee joints arthropathy  deformans

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