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NUBIPLANTТМ – is biocompatible inert implant for paraurethral correction of vesicoureteral reflux and enuresis.


VUR is the most frequent urological pathology in children associated with anatomical disturbances in uretero-vesical segment (UVS), at which pathological reverse urine flow is observed into urethra and kidney. Reverse urine flow leads to significant pressure increase in renal pelvis and renal tissue mechanical damage. Evacuation absence of urinary tracts microflora, as well as insufficient protection from ascending infection lead to chronic inflammation. VUR is one of the most frequent causes of secondary contracted kidney with function loss. In most cases, it is congenital urinary tract abnormality that may remain latent for a long time, manifesting by frequently relapsing pyelonephritis (renal inflammation), and which may lead to renal function disturbance, renal insufficiency, and child disability.

International classification by reflux extent distinguishes five degrees:

1 st.- reflux into urethra lower part

2 st.- reflux up to renal pelvis level

3 st.- reflux up to renal pelvis level with renal collecting system expanding

4 st.- reflux with deformation of fornixes and urethra curves

5 st.- reflux with sharp urethra and renal collecting system expanding, and renal function decrease

Depending on VUR stage, and accompanying complications, doctor determines individual treatment program. As the rule he/she prescribes complex treatment, aimed at inflammatory process elimination, including antibacterial therapy, vitamin therapy, anti-histamine and anti-oxidant therapy, and physiotherapeutic treatment. In effect absence after conservative therapy anti-reflux surgery is completed. As alternative to open surgeries is endoscopic minimally invasive VUR correction, simple for doctor, meaning little trauma for child, and with sufficiently high efficiency. In 80% of cases parent choose this VUR treatment method. Endoscopic VUR correction became possible due to injectable intra-tissue implants emerging. Open surgeries are indicated in VUR of IV-V degree with pronounced renal function disturbance.

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