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A woman has only one possibility to be beautiful, but a thousand possibilities to be attractive.
S. Montesquieu


Young age and old age are the same notion interpreted through the category of time. We do not have power over time, but we are empowered to influence processes going in time. It is not necessary to possess supernatural forces for it, it is enough to be professional in cosmetology and plastic surgery spheres, and to master impeccably the methods of meticulous beauty technology.

Analysis of all materials that are proposed for contour plastics, and its clinical application results testifies that there is no, and can not exist, universal material, which would give possibility to correct all types of tissues with the same effectiveness, because all operated tissues have different physical-chemical properties.

For example, skin density is not the same at various depths. Epidermis is the most dense layer of skin, derma has a less dense structure, and hypo-derma is the most porous layer. These characteristics should be taken into consideration when choosing material for correction.


Taking into account all this problem aspects, we developed series of special injectable implants, adapted to individual tissues under the brand NUBIPLANTтм.

Their unique feature is that having the same chemical composition they differ by their molecular, supra-molecular and stereochemical structure, and, as consequence – by physical-mechanical properties, at first place – by viscosity.

It was clinically proven that the best esthetic effect was achieved in maximal compliance of injectable implant viscosity with tissue density.

Such approach to choosing of proper injectable implants for contour plastics excludes a range of clinical complications: hyper-correction, contouring, fractioning, migration, granulomas and fibrosis formation; it secures a prolonged stable positive cosmetic effect.

We offer three basic injectable implants modifications allowing to complete virtually all correction types in contour plastics.

Injectable implant is characterized by a low viscosity. It is injected into derma superficial layers for fine superficial wrinkles correction, including <crow’s feet>. The effect remains up to 3 months.

Injectable implant is characterized by a moderate viscosity. It is injected into medium derma layer for deep and medium wrinkles correction, atrophic scars correction, in lips contour and volume plastics, for facial contours modeling. The effect remains for more than 6 months.

Injectable implant is characterized by a high viscosity. It is injected into derma lower layers or subcutaneously for soft tissues correction, volume increase of cheeks, cheek-bones, chin, gastrocnemius muscles, buttocks, etc. The effect remains for more than 12 months.


IMPORTANT! NUBIPLANTтм injectable implant of various viscosity may be injected individually or in combinations, depending on correction program.


Properties and action mechanism of NUBIPLANTтм injectable implant

The implant is hydrophilic heterogeneous structure, consisting of cross-linked acryl-containing polymeric net and dispersion medium. It is important that dispersion medium is physiological liquid.
Injectable implant allows maximally physiologically restore and stimulate surrounding tissues.


At first place, the implant has structural-restorative effect – after injection it mechanically restores tissues insufficient volume and acts as support structure for proper collagen synthesis, as well as it serves as frame for a new skin connective tissue, completely restoring its strength and micro-relief.

Apart from its mechanical effect implant has several specific properties.

Occupying intercellular space implant forms with intercellular liquid poly-complex gel structures that secure tissue turgor, normal physiological processes course in tissues and intercellular space (metabolism, cell-cell interaction, tissues regeneration, etc.).

It blocks free radicals, prevents collagen fibers lacing, and consequently skin hardening.

Enhances receptor-mediated cells stimulation, in particular of fibroblasts – skin principal restorers.

Secures normal skin moistening level and tone. Due to its unique physical-chemical properties and hydrogen bonds it binds and firmly holds water in derma, the same way as cell mucopolysaccharides bounded water volume may exceed the proper molecule volume by hundred times.

It has detoxification properties. Implant has special three-dimensional structure with cells of various volume and geometry, which are able to bound large molecules, including toxins.

It prevents capillary circulation disturbances.

It provides for stable clinical effect.


Who is eligible for NUBIPLANTтм injectable implant

Implant may be used for males, females and children at any age, and does not demand any obligatory allergy testing. Thanks to its high elasticity it does not impede facial skull development during correction of congenital and acquired defects in children.

NUBIPLANTтм implant is chosen by patients, who are tired of constant injections of collagen, hyaluronic acid and other rapidly dissolving fillers; and who wish to have prolonged (stable) and esthetically good correction results.


Clinical application aspects

Patients’ selection and preparation for correction
During consultation the patient is informed about implant and its properties and about operation plan. Doctors should discuss with patient expected effect, considering all factors, which may not coincide with the patient wishes.
During anamnesis examination doctors clear out the patient’s allergies to local anesthetics, antibiotics, etc. They examine and palpate tissues in prospective implantation zone to determine their elasticity and mobility. Doctors palpate lymph nodes. The obligatory laboratory tests are the following: general blood test, RW, biochemical blood test, urine analysis.
Additional examination methods: X-ray examination, MRT, Doppler-examination, ECG, ultrasound examination.
In case of any diseases the patient should be referred to a relevant specialist for consultation.
Usually injection procedure of NUBIPLANTтм injectable implant is completed using a classic method without any technical peculiarities.
Manipulation shall be carried out in out-patient setting, but obligatory in a small operation room, manipulation office or beauty salon, with a strict adherence to aseptic and antiseptic rules.
The most frequently injection is made with local anesthesia, because NUBIPLANTтм implant does not contain anesthetics. Depending on intervention degree the procedure lasts up to 30 minutes.

The following correction types are possible

Asymmetry elimination of facial deformation elimination of various origins
Facial form contour correction
Change lips contours and form
To increase Passavant pad in rhinolalia
To correct phonation disturbances
To correct age changes: fine, medium, large and inter brow wrinkles, nasolabial folds
To correct form and volume in other body zones: shins, hips, buttocks, edea, G point


Contraindications to correction

Acute inflammatory diseases
Systemic diseases
Skin and skin structure diseases: inflammatory, pussy, allergic, fungal, parasitic
Acute and chronic blood and lymph circulation disorders
Psychic disorders

Patient may start normal life immediately after procedure. However, during the first days it is not recommended to visit sauna, swimming-pool, solarium; patient should avoid direct sunlight.

Side effects and complications
Side effects in NUBIPLANTтм application happen seldom, and may include skin reddening, skin edema, sensitivity in injection zone.

IMPORTANT! It should be noted that possible complications are not associated with implant characteristics (properties). With experienced plastic surgeon such complications risk is minimal, or is excluded altogether.

However, if after injection edema and pain persist for several days patient should consult a doctor, preferably the same, who completed the correction.

Alternative correction methods
Fine wrinkles may be eliminated by chemical peeling, microdermabrasion or laser resurfacing. In case of deep wrinkles or folds surgical methods are used.

Professionally completed correction not only eliminates cosmetic defect, but also provides significant psychotherapeutic effect.

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